Thursday, September 24, 2009


Moved by Mass Songs
by Claude Lucas C. Despabiladeras

At times during masses, I marvel at the message, theme and literary merits of certain songs whenever I read their lyrics projected on the white screen behind the commentator’s podium. On occasion, as I desperately try (to no avail) to sing in tune with our ROLP Choir, who always gives whatever song they have in their repertoire a superbly moving rendition, I end up reflecting on my own actions and life in general. Such is the effect of certain mass songs on me (and I am sure, on many others, too). What’s more, I have also been inspired to compose a song.

Some weeks ago, the inspiration that I had been waiting for (for about a year, actually) finally kicked in, and so I wrote a poem. The sentiments expressed in my composition are drawn from my own experiences and feelings, my musings, readings (mostly essays by the youth), and conversations with other people.
After reading my piece, Father Macale suggested that I contribute it to this Sinag issue. So it is exactly that—my offering —which follows this paragraph. Since most of the people who have also previously read it told me that they could relate to it one way or another, I will leave it open for the reader’s —your —interpretation. Here is…


‘Twas the easy road, I thought, I was drawn to that direction.
Although it was wrong, I gave in to the temptation.
I heard His voice calling, but I covered both my ears.
I ran away, I disobeyed, despite His flowing tears.
I braved that cold and lonely path not knowing where to go.
I thought there was no turning back, but I felt really low.
So when I stopped in all that darkness, admitting I was lost.
I cried and then ran back to Him, regretting what I’ve caused.
Stay with me, Lord, be with me every minute, every day.
Stay with me, keep me Yours, don’t ever let me go astray.
I realized I hurt You so when I ignored Your call.
Can’t do it on my own, I need You badly after all
So reach out Your hand again
I’m sorry now, returning now
I’m here, knowing that I can
I’m humbled now, ready to bow
Before Your greatness, Lord
To You alone, my Lord.
I hear Your voice calling, I hear it loud and clear.
I’ll do Your ways, I will obey, for You I will be here.
I’m with You, Lord, I’m with You every minute every day
I cling to You, I’m truly Yours, with You forever I stay.


Dakilang Ina
ni Leslie Mendezabal

Ano itong aking nakikita
Maamong mukha na kaaya-aya
Masarap pagmasdan
‘Di nakakasawa.
Tulad ng iyong mga gawa
Noong ika’y nasa lupa
Pagiging ina
Sa lahat ng madla.
Opo ina, ikaw nga ay dakila
Sa pinamalas mong pambihira
Pagmamahal, pagkalinga
Sa anak ng lumikha.
Hirap, sakit, at dusa
Sa iyong mga mata
Ang siyang nakita
Subali’t ina, ito’y iyong kinaya.
Kung kaya’t , sa’yo
Kami ay dumadalangin
Pagiging ina
Sa ami’y isalin.

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