Friday, November 18, 2011

Diwang Parokya

by Claude Lucas C. Despabiladeras
With conviction, they make a life-changing decision
To submit themselves to the religious vocation.
With its many restrictions, might they find it too much?
But they say, “Let’s do this!”, having felt the Lord’s touch.
Often, they’re asked, “When did you get your calling?”
Oh, the different stories they share are so moving!
What emotion did they feel? What voice did they hear?
Or did – out of nowhere - an image appear?
So they bid good bye to all worldly pleasures,
Which some consider as sought-after treasures.
They study faith matters in a scholarly manner
As they follow the teachings and ways of Our Father.
Hey, people! Let us pray for them all – God’s allies on earth
Who perhaps were destined for this life since their birth.
Let us follow their lead in obeying God’s ways
Till we breathe our last, till our final days.
This poem is especially dedicated to Bro. Daniel Dominguez and Rev. Rey Hector Paglinawan whose Diaconal Ordination last Septembooor 8 I unfortunately could not attend. You dynamic duo will be terribly missed here at ROLP. Visit us whenevah you can.


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