Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why FaCEVoc?

by Mercy Grace Riobuya

In its endeavor to increase vocation awareness in the parish, the Vocation Ministry will regularly contribute articles to Sinag Resureksyon, the official parish newsletter, beginning with this issue. This new series will feature vocation stories of priests, seminarians, and nuns who came from our parish; answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the priestly and religious life; and highlight the various activities of the ministry.

The ministry adopted the term FaCEVoc as the name of this column in the newsletter. FaCEVoc stands for “Family and Community Encouraging Vocation,” which was the very theme adopted at the Vocation Summit held in November 2011 at the Diocese of Cubao. Aside from having almost the same name as that of a well-known social networking site, Facebook, to easily catch the reader’s attention, the ministry would also like to emphasize the role played by families and communities in encouraging vocations.

Families who are living models of the Catholic faith with their members attending Sunday Mass together may inspire a child to respond to God’s call. By allowing their children to be part of liturgical ministry as altar servers, lectors, and choirs, or be active in any church organization, parents already cultivate their children’s vocations and mold them to become better future leaders. Children raised in loving families and by generous parents are more open to offering themselves to God.

Conversely, the parish or community has great influence in encouraging vocations. Parish ministries and organizations provide opportunities for the youth to serve others whom they may eventually inspire and lead to -ward answering God’s call to the priesthood and religious life. Continuing formation programs that engage parishioners to deepen their faith nurture their vocations to service. Moreover, prayer helps much in creating and promoting a vocation culture in the parish.

The family and community not only act as seedbeds of vocation but also as places where vocation is nurtured and strengthened.

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