Monday, March 24, 2014


by Gail Quintos

My dearest friend,
Do something nice for a stranger every day.
Compliment your neighbor about her hair.
Smile at a passer-by at the station.

Give your seat on the bus to an old man.
Hold the elevator for the late worker in your building.
Give your extra coins to that poor boy on the road.
Open the door for the rich businessman as he leaves work.

Greet the taxi driver a good day.
Let that man step ahead of you in the line at that restaurant you love.
Return that woman’s wallet when she drops it.
Say a prayer for the old man you saw all alone in the alley.

And when you’re feeling down as you pass by me on the street on this fine morning
(Not that you know me, or that you would give me a second thought)
Please, my dear friend. Give me the chance to help you too.

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